Innovation is not about technologies, it is a way of seeing the world.

Our main task is to facilitate connections between education, public space, and entrepreneurs in Prague. We are the only center in the Czech Republic focusing on advancement of education. We want to support project in education, energy sector, artificial intelligence, as well as creative industries in the capital. But we also aim at supporting innovations which will help improving the city´s infrastructure and environment.


We are the only innovation center in Czechia focused on advancement of education. We cooperate with schools at every level of the educational system. We help improve education for everybody with no exceptions. We stand firmly behind the activities which acknowledge the individual needs of children and improve the quality of teachers´ work. 

city development

Our goal is to improve the environment in Prague. We support modern technologies in energy industry, sustainable development and waste management. We promote wider use of renewable sources of energy in the capital. 


We support both start-ups and spin-offs. Me serve as the connection between public administration, academia, and business. We run the Enterprise and Innovation Center in Škodův Palác in Prague providing a meeting place for researchers and professionals from public administration, non-profits, and business. 

Bohumil Kartous / director Prague Innovation Institute

"Innovation centers mostly focus on supporting innovation at a given moment. We will do that as well. On top of that, however, we will also focus on the area which is the most important for future development, education. This is where all innovation potential is born."

Bohumil Kartous / director Prague Innovation Institute
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