About us

We are a partner to education, research, business and public institutions

Our main task is to facilitate connections between education, public space, and entrepreneurs in Prague. We are the only center in the Czech Republic focusing on advancement of education. We want to support project in education, energy sector, artificial intelligence, as well as creative industries in the capital. But we also aim at supporting innovations which will help improving the city´s infrastructure and environment.

Why Innovations in Prague

Prague is one of the best suited places not only in the Czech Republic, but in Central Europe as a whole, to become the innovation center comparable with other developed European metropolises. Its universities, research facilities and businesses represent a great foundation necessary for building functional innovation infrastructure – from education, through city development and environment, enterprise, to social and cultural events.  

According to the European Commission, Prague is, together with Estonia, the most developed region in the former Eastern Bloc countries. However, when compared to the leaders of innovation in the Western Europe, it can still be considered second rate. 

Prague Institute for Innovation was established in order to make use of the vast potential the capital city houses; to provide the necessary support to the multitude of actors in the field of innovation. Whether that means the ability to scale a systemize innovation, or find partners, or open up new opportunities in Prague, around our country, and aboard.

Our motto is viability

Innovation is not a buzzword. Innovation is not a goal in itself; it is possible to evaluate its results. We want to find the innovation which stood the test of real world use, or which bring demonstrable benefits, and help usher them into the world. We will support the development of such ecosystem, which would enable this kind of innovation to occur naturally. This is our guiding principle.


Prague Innovation Institute was founded in January 2020. The public benefit organization was established as a registered office by the Capital City of Prague. It is controlled by the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. The main goal of PII is to plan, support and advance education, environmental protection, the city´s infrastructure, and scientific, R&D, creative, cultural and innovational enterprises and non-business activities in order to improve Prague´s competitiveness.

The role of PII is to make connection between the academic, public, and private spheres. PII is funded by its founding institution and through the EU funding programs. Private funding is expected to become relevant in the future as well.


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